Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Steel Shelving Racks For Storage Types

Today we are going to give you an overview of several different types of shelving and racks for storage solutions available to you.

Open and Adjustable Steel Shelving Racks For Storage: These units are general available in closed, open and adjustable shelves systems. They are ideal for commercial applications, thus converting office floor spaces, including walls, and vertical cubes into very organized storage areas. These types of shelving units are made from steel of the highest grades and are available in different industrial strengths and various sizes.

Closed Metal Shelving Racks For Storage: These are ideal for space consolidation, thus converting unused space into useful storage space, which add to the general moral of the office environment. By installing these shelves systems into your commercial space you will be able to store and retrieve files and other materials much better. By utilizing metal racks you will streamline your organizations filing and storage tasks.

Heavy Duty Industrial Steel Shelving Racks For Storage: These shelves are generally available open and closed rivet shelving systems. The weight capacity of these units typically varies from 450 pounds to 2000 pounds. These units are available in a wide array of sizes and weight capacities, for different applications including warehouses, factories and commercial service centers.

Chrome Steel Wire Shelving Racks For Storage: These shelves unit systems are ideal for efficiency storage, by maximizing your horizontal and vertical spaces.

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